Artificial Test Soil (ATS2015) IFU

Artificial Test Soil with Bone (ATS2015-B) IFU

Blood Test Soil (BTS) IFU

Blood Test Soil (BTS) with Bone IFU

Dental Surgical Test Soil (DTS) IFU

Saliva Test Soil (STS) IFU


Blood Test Soil SDS

Saliva Test Soil SDS

Dental Surgical Test Soil SDS

BTS White Paper

Simulated-Use Testing Flexible Encoscopes

Simulated-Use Testing Biopsy Forceps

Simulated-Use Testing Laparoscopic Instruments

Simulated-Use Testing Detergents

Artificial Test Soil & Blood Test Soil Expiration Date Letter

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The FDA’s clearance of the contact conditions listed on germicide labeling is based on the manufacturer’s test results. They conduct the testing under worst-case conditions for germicide formulation (i.e., minimum recommended concentration of the active ingredient), and include organic soil.