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Saliva Test Soil SDS

Dental Surgical Test Soil SDS

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Kaumudi Kulkarni
Kaumudi Kulkarni, MS, MSc.

Kaumudi Kulkarni earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Georgia, GA. There her research focused on fungal cellular and molecular biology. She also earned a Master of Science degree from University of Pune, India, where her research focused on genetics.  In addition to that, Kaumudi has extensive experience as a Microbiology Laboratory Analyst at an environmental microbiology laboratory where she has provided technical and research support to field inspectors. Working extensively with microbes like fungi and bacteria, Kaumudi brings in years of experience to Healthmark Industries.

Kaumudi has joined Healthmark to help develop and implement its marketing plan focused on medical device manufacturers and independent testing labs. With her expertise, Healthmark will be better able to help these firms meet the ever changing regulatory environment for instrument reprocessing validation. Kaumudi will focus her efforts on the Proformance™ line products including the marketing of  simulated-use test soil and the TOSI™ surrogate surgical instrument device. Her role will be to relate Healthmark’s Proformance™ products as science-based solutions for medical device manufacturers with one or both of the following applications:

  1. Internal testing and validation of medical device manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for reprocessing; 
  2. Recommendation for use by their customers, to ensure proper implementation of cleaning instructions by the end-user.

Ms. Kulkarni's title is Sr. Manager of Research and Development. She can be reached at 1-586-774-7600 x6682 or at

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